About Panchkula

Panchkula belongs to Panchkula district of state Haryana. It is a planned city and the district Headquarters of its district. The name Panchkula is derived from Sanskrit language which means “The city of five canals”.

TPanchkulahe term “5 canals” possibly refers to five irrigation canals in the city. The city is also popularly referred as Chandigarh Tricity. Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula are the three main cities of Haryana which is referred as the Tricity. The canals in the city take water from the Ghaggar- Hakra River. It is sited at a distance of 12 km away from the state capital Chandigarh and 255 km away from the national capital Delhi.

Panchkula comes under Ambala division of state administration and it is a Tehsil headquarters. The city comes under Ambala Lok Sabha constituency and the current MP of Panchkula is Shri Rattan Lal Kataria.
The city covers a total area of 816 sq km that is 315 sq mi. It is elevated at a height of 365 meters above sea level which is about 1198 feet and it has its coordinates at 30.74° North latitude and 76.80° East longitude.

The city homes nearly 50 villages and 44 panchayats within its borders. Panchkula is bounded by Zirakpur Tehsil in the South, Chandigarh Tehsil in the west, Dera Bassi Tehsil in the South and S.A.S Nagar Tehsil in the West. 

Localities near Panchkula

The major cities sited close to Panchkula are Zirakpur at 6 km away, Chandigarh at 11 km away and Pinjore at 14 km away. The Taluks nearby Panchkula are Zirakpur at 7 km away, Chandigarh at 7 km away and Dera Bassi at 13 km away. The districts sited close to Panchkula are Chandigarh at 9 km away, S.A.S Nagar at 14 km away and Solan at 37 km away. Panchjula is one of the 5 important towns in its district apart from Pinjore, Kalka, Barwala and Raipur Rani. Hindi and Punjabi are the most spoken languages in the city.

Demography of Panchkula

As per 2011 census Panchkula city has a total population of about 210175 out of which male constitutes 111622 and female constitutes 98553. The density of population in the city is 8288.4 persons in an inch per sq km in an area of 25.5 sq km. The population growth in the city is recorded as +4.14 % when compared to the previous census of 2001. The sex ratio in Panchkula is 883 female per 1000 male.

The total number of child in the city between the age group of 0 to 6 year is 22111 out of which boys constitute 12024 and girls constitute 10087. The children population in Panchkula constitutes 10.52 % of the total city population. The child sex ratio in the city is 839 girls out of 1000 boys. The literacy rate in the city is 87.86 % out of which male literacy rate constitutes 91.31 % and female literacy rate constitutes 83.98 %.

Tourist Places nearby Panchkula

The city is located near many popular tourist destinations like Chandigarh at 11.7 km away, Parwanoo in Himachal Pradesh at 22 km away, Yadavindra gardens in Pinjore at 14 km away and Chhat in Punjab at 15.4 km away.  

Areas and Localities in Panchkula

The planned city Panchkula has many popular areas and localities its grounds. The city is divided into 21 sectors and the main localities in it are Mahespur, Village Kundi, Rally village, Haryana forest colony, Hsamb colony, Railla, Haripur, Bel colony, Raili, Green city, Wadhawa Nagar, Ekta village, Abhey pur and many other localities.  

Roadways in Panchkula

Panchkula has good roadway transport system. The national highway NH 22 also called as the Zirakpur to Panchkula to Kalka highway runs through the city connecting Panchkula to the neighboring states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. The major cities the NH 22 links Panchkula are Ambala, Solan, Kalka, Shimla, Rampur, Narkanda and Khab. Khab is located close to Chinese border. Apart form NH22 the city is very close to NH 73 and NH 3. The other major roads running within the city and connecting its localities are Mahespur road, Amartex road, BEL factory road, Golf course road, Budhanpur road, Sector 20 road and many other roads.

The city does not own an airport or a railway station. The near by airports from the city are Chandigarh airport at 6 km away and Simla airport at 61 km away from the centre of Panchkula. The nearby railway stations are Chandigarh railway station at 4 km away and Chandi Mandi railway station at 5 km away. 

Notable Personalities from Panchkula

The Chandigarh Tricity is the home town of two most popular personalities of Haryana namely Sardar Anjum and Dr. Naresh. Both of them are very popular poets cum philosophers. Sardar Anjum authored nearly 25 books and many poems. He also headed the Urdu department of Punjab University. For his great work Sardar Anjum was awarded Padam Bhusan in 2005, Padam Shri in 1991, The Millennium peace award, Punjan Rathan, Literacy awards for 19 states in India and Ambassador of peace award in 2002. Dr. Naresh for his contribution to literacy was awarded National award by central government of India and Lifetime achievement award by Haryana state government. 

Chandimandir Cantonment in Panchkula

Chandimandhir CantonmentThe city homes the Chandimandir Cantonment which is the Headquarters of Indian Army western command sited on the foot of Sivalik hills.  The name of this cantonment is derived from a small village that is located on the North Eastern end of Ambala to Kalka road. It is one of the modern military stations built in 1960s after Indian Independence. Sector A, B, C, D, E and F of Chandimandir homes the staff quarters of Military officer’s families. Residences of senior officers are located in Pine Marg locality. Chandimandir cantonment homes many military units, staff quarters, hospital, shopping complex, Manekshahaw auditorium, Raina stadium, library, banks and many other units. Through the cantonment semi perennial Ghaggar River flows. 

The cantonment has good transportation facilities. Through Chandimandir the Chandigarh old Panchkula highway and Zirakpur to Kalka road runs. Chandimandir railway station is located in the cantonment which functions under Northern railway zone with the station code “CNDM”. The station operates trains to Delhi, West Bengal, Rajasthan and to many other localities in Haryana.

Trains passing through Chandimandir Railway Mandir

Here is the list of trains running through Chandimandir railway station:

Train Name: Ekta Express
Starting From: Bhiwani
Destination At: Kalka
Train No: 14795
Arrival Time: 10:44
Departure Time: 10:46
Train Name: Kalka Mail
Starting From: Howrah Jn
Destination At: Kalka
Train No: 12311
Arrival Time: 04:04
Departure Time: 04:05
Train Name: Ekta Express
Starting From: Kalka
Destination At: Bhiwani
Train No: 14796
Arrival Time: 17:05
Departure Time: 17:07
Train Name: Ambala Kalka Shuttle
Starting From: Ambala Cant Jn
Destination At: Kalka
Train No: 54531
Arrival Time: 19:53
Departure Time: 19:54
Train Name: Kalka Delhi Passenger
Starting From: Kalka
Destination At: Delhi
Train No: 54304
Arrival Time: 07:31
Departure Time: 07:32
Train Name: Kalka Ambala Passenger
Starting From: Kalka
Destination At: Ambala Cant Jn
Train No: 54532
Arrival Time: 13:21
Departure Time: 13:22
Train Name: Delhi Kalka Passenger
Starting From: Delhi
Destination At: Kalka
Train No: 54303
Arrival Time: 23:14
Departure Time: 23:15
Train Name: Kalka Mail
Starting From: Kalka
Destination At: Howrah Jn
Train No: 12312
Arrival Time: 00:10
Departure Time: 00:12
Train Name: Himalayan Queen
Starting From: Kalka
Destination At: Delhi S Rohilla
Train No: 14096
Arrival Time: 17:05
Departure Time: 17:07
Train Name: Kalka - Barmer Chandigarh Express
Starting From: Kalka
Destination At: Barmer
Train No: 14887
Arrival Time: 22:00
Departure Time: 22:02
Train Name: Barmer-Kalka Express
Starting From: Barmer
Destination At: Kalka
Train No: 14888
Arrival Time: 05:23
Departure Time: 05:25
Train Name: Himalayan Queen
Starting From: Delhi S Rohilla
Destination At: Kalka
Train No: 14095
Arrival Time: 10:44
Departure Time: 10:46

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